Price List

This price list is valid until 31.12.2017.
Please note the minimum order value of 20 Euro. Thank you!

Teas / powders

Item Order No Euro
A-3 Tea leaves broken, 50g A-3B50 14 €
A-3 Tea leaves broken, 500g A-3B500 125 €
A-3 Tea leaves broken, 1000g A-3B1000 235 €
A-3 Tea leaves ground, 50g A-3G50 16€  *
A-3 Tea leaves ground, 500g A-3G500 140€  *
A-3 Tea leaves ground, 1000g A-3G1000 265 €  *
Moringa oleifera leaf powder, 100g MOR-G100 23 €  **
Euphorbia hirta herb, 30g EUP-30 4 € (introduction price)
* You can save money by grinding the product yourself. You can use an electrical coffee grinder.
**  Even better quality: dark green, only lightly ground.


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